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We believe impact
begins with individuals

The Social Entrepreneurship Learning Lab (SELL) Fellowship is an 8-week interdisciplinary fellowship for undergraduate students who want to create meaningful social ventures for their community. We are an impact-first community, built and run entirely by students. In a nutshell, we:

Verticals for Impact

Our fellows innovate for underserved and in need communities.

Climate & Environment

Create solutions to fight pollution, reduce emissions, and protect wildlife.

Economic Inequality

Work to eradicate poverty & establish sustainable & inclusive economic growth.

Urban Infrastructure

Tackle city congestion & transportation, develop smarter city-wide institutions.

Medicine & Healthcare

Improve access to healthcare systems, promote wellbeing & health education.

Education & Literacy

Work to provide equal access to education & reduce world illiteracy.

Justice & Human Rights

Advocate to reduce violence & crime, establish transparent institutions, foster peace.

Week Program
Workshop Sessions
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Applications Are Now Open!

Visit our Ideator Admissions page to learn more and apply to be apart of the Spring 2020 Fellowship. Applications are due February 6th.